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The Right toBe Lazy – Automaton and abolishing work

6:30pm Tuesday 20th Febuary @ The Owain Glyndwr

Recently McKinsey & Company, a billion dollar management consultancy firm, released a study that claimed “45 percent of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology.” The advance of artificial intelligence, self driving vehicles, and 3D printing mean that work will be fundamentally changed in the near future.

The technological advances of capitalism so far, haven’t given us more free time they’ve simply driven up unemployment for the benefit of profits. We have become enslaved to the machines we created to free us of drudgery. But is there another way? Would a communist society be able to organise production so efficiently that we wouldn’t have to go to work, and what would not working mean for the way we live our lives.

Robots are coming for our jobs, whether that means a society leisure and luxury or one of work and misery is the question we have to ask.

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6:30pm Tuesday 20 Febuary @ The Owain Glyndwr

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