The Russian Revolution 100 Years On



A Series of Discussions and Debates

100 years ago the world was aflame, the most bloody conflict to date was still raging, the maps of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East were being redrawn and dynasties that had ruled for centuries where toppled.

In the Russian empire mass movements of workers and peasants first overthrew the Tsar and then the capitalist provisional government.  Worker and peasant councils took over the running of society, factories, and land.

For 100 years the events, ideas and actors have been hotly contested. There seems not to be a single revolutionary left organisation in the world without a “line” on the Russian revolution. What we want to use these discussions as an attempt at drawing a balance sheet, to see what strategies are relevant to the modern day task of achieving communism.

We’ll be discussing a range of topics over the year including:

  • The nature of the soviet economy
  • Internationalism and diplomacy – from international communism to socialism in one country
  • Tsarsim in Russia
  • The individuals role in the revolution, the individuals role in the revolution
  • From revolution to counter revolution
  • The Russian Empire and the national question
  • Theory vs. practice, was Russia the society Marx set out to achieve?


Next Meeting:

The Russian Revolution & Red Terror

All Welcome

6:30pm, Tuesday 7th February @ The Owain Glyndwr