We believe it is necessary to build an Independent Pluralist World Communist Party to overcome the world capitalist system. The forces necessary to create this Party do not currently exist, the left as it currently functions is a shambles – we consider the tasks of the moment as Revolutionary Regroupment and sober assessment of the current political juncture towards creating such an organisation.

Whether this is in fact possible itself poses the question of whether Socialism is possible – we believe Socialism cannot be achieved without an international organisation committed to 1, maintaining its independence 2, explicitly committed to the Revolutionary overthrow of the Capitalist system 3, upholding as impossible doing this through parliament and 4, maintaining an open internal regime where unity is cohered around the Marxist programme not various theoretical/historical dogmas and narratives. We maintain the Marxist class position of locating the only Revolutionary subject able to overthrow Capitalism as the working class and secondarily various other oppressed layers.

We maintain these ambitious goals and only propose a modest response in the here and now, sober open discussion of the political juncture hopefully cohering a programme to intervene with in the movement. We have reading groups every other Wednesday evening at 6:30 in Cardiff. If anyone is interested, get in touch.


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